Saturday, July 19, 2008

Market Buddies. . .

And our apron "booth" at the market.


Rosa said...

I am an apron girl. I love wearing aprons and youes are so cute!
How long do you spend at the market? Is it a full day thing?
Hope you sold it all.

Rosa said...

Oh brother! I meant yours not youes!

Jenny said...

The market is "officially" open from 8-11, but people were already looking for goodies at 7:20-7:30 today. It was to stinking hot to be there long today. It ended up being 95! Ouch. :) I took 4 aprons and 5 headbands, and I sold 2 aprons and a headband. I need to get cracking and whip out some more.

Can't wait to see more bathroom pics, and that tile!

Rosa said...

The tile guy is coming Monday! I'll be posting pictures as things progress.
Thanks for the prayers by the way. Jesse is feeling much better and says he's good to go to church tommorow, so we are very thankful that it wasn't worse.
Now I'm off to put the last coat of paint on the bathroom before I go to bed. :)

Rachel said...

Oh Jenny you're getting there! I'll be able to say I know you when. You rock chica!

Julie said...

Yay!!! You had an apron booth?!?!
That is just too neat for words!!!!

Hey what it Superboy and his supercute little friend grow up and get married? They're precious!!!


KS said...

Oh my gosh I just checked this! Those pictures are adorable!!! I just loved how the two of them are's so sweet and unexpected.