Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Seeds for Next Year. . .

I purchased these seeds for next years garden from Cherry Gal, and they look wonderful. You get to read a history of the plant, and more!

These are Long Island Cheese pumpkins. These pumpkins are what started it all. I was having some work done at the dentist office and while perusing their lovely magazine collection, came across these filigree pumpkins. These are in the current issue of Martha Stewart Living.

Here are the Musquee De Provence ones. . . Groovy.

Star of the Veld, just because I found them on the CherryGal site and love the burst of color.

will post again soon. . .

Just feeling a little tired and my mind is just cloudy..... with snot. Yes, dear mother, I said that word. Sorry about that. I don't like the word now that I'm a mom either, but it's the best one to get my point across. Plus, I REALLY can't stand the words mucous and flem. Makes me wanna yak just thinking of them. Anywho, I'll be back soon, hopefully with some witty verbage for you.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fletch's First Trial. . .

Here are the pictures from Fletch's first Jack Russell Terrier Trial in Buckingham County, Virginia.

A beautiful old home near Gordonsville, VA. Can you imagine how large this home is up close? I'm not sure if anyone lives there.

A sunrise shot through the fog just past the above home.

Some of the first races. Fletch was too young to participate.

SuperBoy by the terrier trial entrance at the farm.

Fletch's brother Okey Dokey in the right of this pic.

Fletch's brother Tux in the center of this pic.

Standing in line waiting for the Conformation part of the trial. There were 10 dogs in Fletch's class, including 2 of his brothers, which was supposedly a high number. The judge was brought over from England for that day's judging and only the top 6 were awarded a ribbon. Fletch and his brothers did not place, as mainly shorter-legged dogs were chosen. All judges choose differently.

The motor home of some new friends. Cozy, huh? I'll spare youthe pics of the heated marble floors and stainless full size refigerator. :)

Nita, holding Okey Dokey. They were getting ready to do go-to-ground, which I forgot to take a picture of. Nita and Wayne are who we bought Fletch from. Super people.

The Lure Course, with Fletch's last time on it, 9.513 seconds. Not bad, since he'd never seen a course before. Other older dogs were running it in 8 something. I think there was one 7 something scored. Here's more info on Lure Coursing.

A view of the three motor homes on the property. Wayne and Nita have the one on the right.

Notice the flat-screen tv hanging down hear their door. I could seriously live in this thing. Oh, did I mention the leather couch and loveseat and the king-size bed?

A common site. Don't worry. We'll be sticking to one dog entered in a trial. Can you imagine??? There were full-size trucks with rails inside the bed of their trucks that slid out holding 8 Jacks, garden carts carrying 6 crates with Jacks inside, etc. Whew!

Fletch's dad. Turns out, he lives 15 minutes away.

These last two pictures were taken by another new friend, Jill.

Me getting ready to do our first confirmation. Clueless Josephine and her doggy Clueless Joe.

Fletch's very first Lure Course run. I'm so proud of him! Here's to a good showing next time.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Remember this picture?

I found it's history! Check it out here!

It's the Old Canal Warehouse in Scottsville, Virginia. Please check out Scottsville Museum's pictures at the site above. There is so much to see and learn here. So many pictures!

How's your Monday gone?

This sums up my day.

This lovely ballcap was given to us (me, I'm sure) by our wonderful neighbors (Herbalina & the Skagginator) who just returned from a visit out west.

My children have been hoopies today, not listening to a word I say. I'm sure they have, it just hasn't felt like it, my gums still feel like crap from being prepped for a crown last week. Oh, and the first temporary crown broke within two days of getting it. Seems my nighlty tooth-grinding didn't accomodate the thing. I go back the day after tomorrow to have the real deal put in, but if I'd thought of it sooner, I may have considered just pulling the tooth.

Oh, and dear, sweet Fletch. . . The honeymoon phase is over. I let the damn dog loose upon returning home and he immediately found a mouse the precious kitties had left for us on the driveway. He scooped it up and ran straight to the front door, approximately 25 feet, and swallowed the damn thing whole. This may have taken a total of 4 seconds, max. Besides be grossed out, which usually takes a lot, the image of him hurling, yakking, ralphing, puking (you get the idea) a whole shrew or whatever it was, out inside our house really gives me the heeby-geebies. Yeah, I tied his little wonderful self back out for a while. Now he's inside and so far so good, but you know what? You may want to quit reading if you have a weak stomach. Or not. You've been warned. O.k. You know what? I got to thinking about him eventually having to poop this thing out. Yeah. Mom's think about poop a lot. Anywho, will he poop a whole shrew or whatever, or will it break down within? I wonder this, because I'm the primary person that goes out with him right now, and I usually have to watch to make sure he poops before coming inside.

Whew! No kisses from that pup today, or maybe the rest of the week. Yuck.

Anywho, I'll be fine, but needed to show you the ballcap. Enjoy.

I hope your day is happier than a warm gut pile.

Over and out. . .

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Life Experiences and Songs. . .

This has happened to me twice now. The most recent was at the dentists office last week. I was getting prepped for a temporary crown until my permanent one is installed this coming Wednesday. Well, my doc starts drilling on my tooth (I was numb, thank Heavens) and I start seeing the "tooth dust" fly around. What pops into my head?

Dust in the Wind. . . No kidding. "All we are is duuuuuuust in the wind. . ."

A few years ago, I had to have a benign cyst drained/aspirated. What popped into my mind then?

Carly Simons' song, Anticipation, with the word Aspiration replacing it.

Warped, yes. It's too fun sometimes, although it seems fewer and fewer people "get" my train of thought.

Has this happened to you?

FedEx Rules!!!

I only say that because my latest parcel was delivered by them, but hey! it works for me! What do you think, Rachel? :)

In the next day or so, I'll post pictures of our first Jack Russell terrier trial from yesterday! The picture in the blog header was taken on our way there. . .

Have a blessed Sunday!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ike Shots. . .

My mom forwarded this link to me. Picture number 11 wowed me the most. Which pic spoke to you?

Monday, September 15, 2008

Yesterday's Adventure. . .

We took a little hour or so drive yesterday and here are some of our pics.

The Coast Guard airplane practicing touch-downs at our local airport.

Not the Coast Guard, but another big one SuperBoy loved.

I should certainly hope the road is closed beyond this sign. :)

My three kids.

A picture of the James River. You can almost imagine how it was in the old days on this river.

Wouldn't you love to know what this building has seen, inside and out? I'm not sure what this building is/was, but this is the view from the river's side. Between us and the building were a set of railroad tracks and a levee. You can't see the building from the main road on the other side of the tracks.

We love cheap entertainment. I know it will change soon enough.

Throwing more rocks.

Almost a good shot, if you exclude the wrinkling of the nose from the sun.


Finding little shells by the river.

Having fun.

They could have stayed here half of the day.

Trying to catch minnows. SuperDad and I were amazed SuperGirl even put her feet in the river water. Those of you that know her, know she doesn't really care for things like that. If dirt is involved, forget it.

An old train station. Isn't it neat?

Aren't these river trees wonderful? I wonder what they've seen?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Through Our Backyard Trees. . .

It's a full Harvest Moon. Well, according to the Farmers' Almanac, it will be at 5:13 tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

SuperGirl's Blog. . .

Guess who asked for her own blog today? Yup, the title gives it away. It's all moderated by me, so fear not.

Have a peak if you like. You'd never guess an 8 year old chose the color. :)

It's Not Easy Being Green. . .

As I was mowing the grass yesterday, I looked up and saw this. . .

My little man cleaning out the back of his "tractor". . .

While wearing a hunting jacket SuperDad wore when he was little. It has pockets for gun shells and everything. Kinda scary from a Mom's point of view. :) Don't worry, no bullets in there, Mom.

Did I mention it was 87 degrees?

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Harvest Apron. . .

This has one big pocket, or a seam can be sewn down the middle to make 2 large pockets. Great for clothespins or green beans!

Latest Project. . .

This is the quilt for my best friend's wedd---------------------------

Oops. I just realized I can't show you what I'm doing, just in case she pops in here to see what we've been up to. I promise to post it just after she receives it at the end of October.

Meet FiFi. . .the Turtle. . .

Thank you, Hanna. After the rains moved northward, we found this little turtle in our front yard. The kiddos had a great time humanizing it. . .

The kiddos building FiFi a home. Thankfully, SuperDad came home soonafter and FiFi was able to roam and flee to his/her turtle family.