Monday, September 15, 2008

Yesterday's Adventure. . .

We took a little hour or so drive yesterday and here are some of our pics.

The Coast Guard airplane practicing touch-downs at our local airport.

Not the Coast Guard, but another big one SuperBoy loved.

I should certainly hope the road is closed beyond this sign. :)

My three kids.

A picture of the James River. You can almost imagine how it was in the old days on this river.

Wouldn't you love to know what this building has seen, inside and out? I'm not sure what this building is/was, but this is the view from the river's side. Between us and the building were a set of railroad tracks and a levee. You can't see the building from the main road on the other side of the tracks.

We love cheap entertainment. I know it will change soon enough.

Throwing more rocks.

Almost a good shot, if you exclude the wrinkling of the nose from the sun.


Finding little shells by the river.

Having fun.

They could have stayed here half of the day.

Trying to catch minnows. SuperDad and I were amazed SuperGirl even put her feet in the river water. Those of you that know her, know she doesn't really care for things like that. If dirt is involved, forget it.

An old train station. Isn't it neat?

Aren't these river trees wonderful? I wonder what they've seen?


Julie said...

Oh, Jenny!

You just take the sweetest pictures! They touch the heart!
Love the tree pictures (Thanks for the heads up!) and the river is just sooooooooo beautiful!

That old building is so neat! It kind of looks like a business, but it also looks like a barn, and it also looks like it could be a rich persons house??!?!!?

Love old train stations! They're just too cool! In the town I grew up in, they turned our old one into a place for the elderly to get together and have meals. Really neat -- so glad they haven't torn it down....yet!

I think that "cheap entertainment" will last longer than you think.
With homeschooling, we're blessed in more ways than we can think of!
Ours are outside right now, gathering acorns! They're tickled -- and they're almost 9 and 14!

Blessings, Miss Jenny!

Dingo said...

Don't you just love old buildings? They are so beautiful and have so much history. I always wonder what happened there, who the people were that inhabited these places. I wish walls could talk.

antigoni said...

Your pictures are wonderful, beautiful, marvelous. I hope you had great time there.

Rachel said...

Lil pill loves the river too. Isn't it great to see them being plain old non-materialistic kids? Be still my heart.

Anonymous said...

Sending hugs and kisses for great pictures. Love Ya!

Tamara Jansen said...

Beautiful family!