Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Fletch's First Trial. . .

Here are the pictures from Fletch's first Jack Russell Terrier Trial in Buckingham County, Virginia.

A beautiful old home near Gordonsville, VA. Can you imagine how large this home is up close? I'm not sure if anyone lives there.

A sunrise shot through the fog just past the above home.

Some of the first races. Fletch was too young to participate.

SuperBoy by the terrier trial entrance at the farm.

Fletch's brother Okey Dokey in the right of this pic.

Fletch's brother Tux in the center of this pic.

Standing in line waiting for the Conformation part of the trial. There were 10 dogs in Fletch's class, including 2 of his brothers, which was supposedly a high number. The judge was brought over from England for that day's judging and only the top 6 were awarded a ribbon. Fletch and his brothers did not place, as mainly shorter-legged dogs were chosen. All judges choose differently.

The motor home of some new friends. Cozy, huh? I'll spare youthe pics of the heated marble floors and stainless full size refigerator. :)

Nita, holding Okey Dokey. They were getting ready to do go-to-ground, which I forgot to take a picture of. Nita and Wayne are who we bought Fletch from. Super people.

The Lure Course, with Fletch's last time on it, 9.513 seconds. Not bad, since he'd never seen a course before. Other older dogs were running it in 8 something. I think there was one 7 something scored. Here's more info on Lure Coursing.

A view of the three motor homes on the property. Wayne and Nita have the one on the right.

Notice the flat-screen tv hanging down hear their door. I could seriously live in this thing. Oh, did I mention the leather couch and loveseat and the king-size bed?

A common site. Don't worry. We'll be sticking to one dog entered in a trial. Can you imagine??? There were full-size trucks with rails inside the bed of their trucks that slid out holding 8 Jacks, garden carts carrying 6 crates with Jacks inside, etc. Whew!

Fletch's dad. Turns out, he lives 15 minutes away.

These last two pictures were taken by another new friend, Jill.

Me getting ready to do our first confirmation. Clueless Josephine and her doggy Clueless Joe.

Fletch's very first Lure Course run. I'm so proud of him! Here's to a good showing next time.


Dingo said...

If you put the motor home and that house side by side, which do you think would be bigger?

Yeah, Fletch!

antigoni said...

Very nice pictures of happy moments. Fletch is look like Ten Ten's dog (from the cartoon). So sweet.

Dana said...

go fletch go!!!

Julie said...

How precious!

Fletch? As in those too funny Chevy Chase movies?!?!?