Monday, September 22, 2008

How's your Monday gone?

This sums up my day.

This lovely ballcap was given to us (me, I'm sure) by our wonderful neighbors (Herbalina & the Skagginator) who just returned from a visit out west.

My children have been hoopies today, not listening to a word I say. I'm sure they have, it just hasn't felt like it, my gums still feel like crap from being prepped for a crown last week. Oh, and the first temporary crown broke within two days of getting it. Seems my nighlty tooth-grinding didn't accomodate the thing. I go back the day after tomorrow to have the real deal put in, but if I'd thought of it sooner, I may have considered just pulling the tooth.

Oh, and dear, sweet Fletch. . . The honeymoon phase is over. I let the damn dog loose upon returning home and he immediately found a mouse the precious kitties had left for us on the driveway. He scooped it up and ran straight to the front door, approximately 25 feet, and swallowed the damn thing whole. This may have taken a total of 4 seconds, max. Besides be grossed out, which usually takes a lot, the image of him hurling, yakking, ralphing, puking (you get the idea) a whole shrew or whatever it was, out inside our house really gives me the heeby-geebies. Yeah, I tied his little wonderful self back out for a while. Now he's inside and so far so good, but you know what? You may want to quit reading if you have a weak stomach. Or not. You've been warned. O.k. You know what? I got to thinking about him eventually having to poop this thing out. Yeah. Mom's think about poop a lot. Anywho, will he poop a whole shrew or whatever, or will it break down within? I wonder this, because I'm the primary person that goes out with him right now, and I usually have to watch to make sure he poops before coming inside.

Whew! No kisses from that pup today, or maybe the rest of the week. Yuck.

Anywho, I'll be fine, but needed to show you the ballcap. Enjoy.

I hope your day is happier than a warm gut pile.

Over and out. . .


Rachel said...

roflmao...I'm pretty sure it will at least partially digest.


MamaMoon said...

come to think of it, maybe you should give the hat to Fletch? It will be more truthful on his head.

Jenny said...

Isn't that the darn truth, mamamoon! I told hubby earlier that fromnow on, he'll be picking up all of Hobbes' *gifts*. Lucky us. Either that, or he'll just dig them straight out of the ground. Penny's not a digger, so it's just our luck he would be. :)

Dingo said...

I'm all for doggie kisses but that's only when I don't know where their mouth has been. Gut kisses. Yuck.

Julie said...

You know, I always think the same thing when I'm getting a crown put on -- I've had to have root canals re-done. Did you know that those things don't last a lifetime? I didn't and I'm NOT happy about it at ALL!!!!!

Uh.....yucky, about the dog!
I just don't get how their mouths are supposed to be cleaner than ours??? I've seen what they do with their mouths... uh uh, no way!