Friday, May 30, 2008

Time For More Headbands. . .

Or as SuperGirl use to say, headbandas.

This one is for my neighbor, who requested green when I asked what colors she would like. I also made one for SuperGirl, but she already has hers on, so it didn't get a picture, lol.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Weird Eats. . .

This post is for my Aunt CeCe and Uncle Gary, who think my combo of orange juice and Oreos is odd. :) What can I say, milk is certainly not a favorite, or even a like, of mine.

This is probably the strangest food combination SuperBoy has come up with, so far, and I also feel that on some strange level, it's a delicacy in some places.

Blackberry jelly and smoked turkey on wheat bread. He's had it two days in a row now, so he must honestly like it.


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Look What I Finished Yesterday. . .

An apron in bright turquoise and lime batiks!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Few of Our Flowers. . .

The color isn't quite right, but hopefully, a new camera would fix that. ;) The petunias here are a bright fuschia and a bright ruby.

Happy Memorial Weekend!

Any special plans? None here as hubby works Saturday, half of Sunday and all of Monday.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Anniversary to US!

9 years today! How do folks do 25 and 50? True, it does fly by, but it also seems like such a long time. Of course, "dead" is the new old to me, so who am I to judge.

Love you, SuperDad!

My Reason For Being. . .

We went to our neighborhood lake (called a pond where I'm from) and goofed around while SuperDad fished a "tributary".

After SuperDad was finished, he let SuperGirl try her hand at fly fishing. He said she did really well.

Naturally, if SuperGirl tries, then SuperBoy has to try. He needs a little work on his technique, but I figure that at age 4, he stil has time to improve before he joins the fishing circus, I mean circuit.

I tried and it really is a tricky thing to do. No wonder I quilt.

Do you recognize what these are below?

To the common eye, they may appear to be Canada goose tracks, but no, they're not. . .

SuperBoy informed me they are camel tracks. And here I assumed we didn't have any camels in these parts. Hmph. . . His level of intellect continues to amaze me.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What the heck is out there for me to do?

Looks like I may be heading back into the workforce before I planned to. :( We're homeschooling our 8 & 4 year olds and I'd rather not have to leave them with someone. Defeats the purpose of me finding a job for the most part. I'd hate to work just to pay a babysitter, and we have no family close by that could help out.

I've worked at many jobs: laying out ads for newspapers, creating and soldering circuit boards for an electronics company, JC Penney sales, making mats and framing pictures in an art gallery. I can't think of any others.

Is there anything you know of off of the top of your head that would work? I'd give a whirl at hooking, but I'm afraid I'm not in the best shape, and I'd seriously hate to see the takers. :)

Just kidding about that whole last paragraph, Mom!

Still in a haze about possibly leaving them. . .

Monday, May 19, 2008

Garden Guest. . .

I found this little lady in one of my flower beds earlier today. I knew we had them in the area, but it's the first black widow I've seen on our land. Eww. Yuck. Makes me want to spit. Yowza. She's in a 3-4 cup Ball jar. It's a big jar, so you can see how big she is. Our neighbor said it's the biggest one he's ever seen. Her body would easily cover my fingernail. If you add the legs, she could be a nice ring. :)

Anyone want a spider for a pet? Free shipping!?!

A New Quilt Swap!

Hello folks! I just signed up for a new quilt swap. Please check it out if you're interested. Looks like tons of fun!

Update: Scratch that. I just received a reply that it closed Friday. Oops.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beauty and Death all in One Day. . .

On our way back home from checking out a new area farmer's market, I came across these beautiful poppies in a bed on the side of the road. They're so bright, they don't come out clearly in the photo. The poppies were such a nice contrast to see instead of the usual iris, azaleas and rhododendrons.

On the flip side, we had a near death experience in the animal kingdom around here. Granted, it wasn't a pet, but it was close. The 2 kitties are regularly bringing home moles, voles, shrews, an occasional bird and rarely a rabbit. Oh, a few days ago, we had a full grown squirrel, but we're guessing our Jack Russell, Penny, may have gotten that one. We're not sure though, since the squirrel was left in the cat's "here's your gift" spot. We'll never know.

Anywho, this evening, we look out front to see Hobbes, the yellow kitty beast, carrying a baby rabbit across the front yard toward the side gift spot. Problem? Yah. Momma rabbit was on the other side of the road watching this beast carry off her baby. Talk about sad. SuperDad, the SuperHunter, was even upset with the cat. Well, we tried to get the rabbit, with no luck. Momma was still sitting very still waiting to see what happened to her baby. We came back inside, assuming the cat would win, and also to get SuperBoy out of the bathtub. He was very upset that he had even missed such an opportunity to see such commotion. He's going through a "death" stage now (about why everything dies) and would have liked seeing how things played out. Anywho again. . . SuperGirl and I went back outside for some reason, and saw Hobbes trying to catch the baby rabbit again in my mums. We were able to beat the cat away, SuperDad retrieved his gloves and tried to catch the baby. I stuck Penny in the basement and shooed (sp?) Hobbes away in the meantime. Is this taking forever, or what? O.k., back on track. SuperDad was not able to catch the baby, but we hopped him/her around the back of the house, trying to get it back to it's momma. Almost home free, we encounter our other cat, Lovey, on the edge of the woods. She tries to catch the baby, we get her off of it, and catch it! SuperDad really caught it.

We said our goodbyes, sweet thoughts for a long life and SuperDad put it over near its momma. Lovey, heard them in the woods, ran across the road to stalk them, but I was able to catch her with a little sweet talking of my own. The baby was reunited with momma bunny and they hopped off into the sunset. I've posted a song to the right that I've dedicated to them. :)

Incidently, the momma was named Noodles by SuperBoy and the baby named Lucky by SuperDad.

I know I'll sleep better tonight knowing they're both safe from our beasts. The cats are staying in all night. It's only 8:11 p.m. and both cats are already in a snit.

Have a great evening!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ferns. . .A New Love. . .

Would any of you fine folks know a good/great place to buy affordable Royal ferns and/or painted ferns? I'd love to put some along the back of our yard, along the edge of the woods.


A visit with Gram!

My Mom came for a 3 day visit this week! Much to our dismay, she had to leave earlier today. But hey! We have this picture from our habitual romp to Montpelier, former home of James Madison!

What fun! There's always something new going on.

This is the front of the old home on our drive in.

James Madison had this ice house built near the home. It is to the left of the home in the picture above this one.

The Poser and Mr. Gotta Go!

Hey, SuperGirl, where to next!?!

Now this is a tree!

The view from the front of the home. Wow. . .

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Conversation with SuperBoy. . .

Earlier this evening, I had a conversation with SuperBoy that went something like this. . . Mind you, he just turned 4 on May 4th.

You're 4. You're so big now.

Yeah...........I know everything.

No, you don't.

Yes, I do.

What's the hypotenuse of 540?

Snakes......................and lizards and worms.

Hmph. I guess he showed me. :)

Again, Happy Mother's Day.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Party was a Success!