Saturday, May 17, 2008

Beauty and Death all in One Day. . .

On our way back home from checking out a new area farmer's market, I came across these beautiful poppies in a bed on the side of the road. They're so bright, they don't come out clearly in the photo. The poppies were such a nice contrast to see instead of the usual iris, azaleas and rhododendrons.

On the flip side, we had a near death experience in the animal kingdom around here. Granted, it wasn't a pet, but it was close. The 2 kitties are regularly bringing home moles, voles, shrews, an occasional bird and rarely a rabbit. Oh, a few days ago, we had a full grown squirrel, but we're guessing our Jack Russell, Penny, may have gotten that one. We're not sure though, since the squirrel was left in the cat's "here's your gift" spot. We'll never know.

Anywho, this evening, we look out front to see Hobbes, the yellow kitty beast, carrying a baby rabbit across the front yard toward the side gift spot. Problem? Yah. Momma rabbit was on the other side of the road watching this beast carry off her baby. Talk about sad. SuperDad, the SuperHunter, was even upset with the cat. Well, we tried to get the rabbit, with no luck. Momma was still sitting very still waiting to see what happened to her baby. We came back inside, assuming the cat would win, and also to get SuperBoy out of the bathtub. He was very upset that he had even missed such an opportunity to see such commotion. He's going through a "death" stage now (about why everything dies) and would have liked seeing how things played out. Anywho again. . . SuperGirl and I went back outside for some reason, and saw Hobbes trying to catch the baby rabbit again in my mums. We were able to beat the cat away, SuperDad retrieved his gloves and tried to catch the baby. I stuck Penny in the basement and shooed (sp?) Hobbes away in the meantime. Is this taking forever, or what? O.k., back on track. SuperDad was not able to catch the baby, but we hopped him/her around the back of the house, trying to get it back to it's momma. Almost home free, we encounter our other cat, Lovey, on the edge of the woods. She tries to catch the baby, we get her off of it, and catch it! SuperDad really caught it.

We said our goodbyes, sweet thoughts for a long life and SuperDad put it over near its momma. Lovey, heard them in the woods, ran across the road to stalk them, but I was able to catch her with a little sweet talking of my own. The baby was reunited with momma bunny and they hopped off into the sunset. I've posted a song to the right that I've dedicated to them. :)

Incidently, the momma was named Noodles by SuperBoy and the baby named Lucky by SuperDad.

I know I'll sleep better tonight knowing they're both safe from our beasts. The cats are staying in all night. It's only 8:11 p.m. and both cats are already in a snit.

Have a great evening!


Julie said...

Those flowers are soooooo pretty!
They look purple on the inside -- is that right? So colorful!!!

Glad to hear that the bunny made it back to it's mommy just fine!

But, um, thanks for posting that song!!!! I'm not going to be able to get it out of my head for days.......... eeiieeyyy!!!!