Wednesday, May 21, 2008

What the heck is out there for me to do?

Looks like I may be heading back into the workforce before I planned to. :( We're homeschooling our 8 & 4 year olds and I'd rather not have to leave them with someone. Defeats the purpose of me finding a job for the most part. I'd hate to work just to pay a babysitter, and we have no family close by that could help out.

I've worked at many jobs: laying out ads for newspapers, creating and soldering circuit boards for an electronics company, JC Penney sales, making mats and framing pictures in an art gallery. I can't think of any others.

Is there anything you know of off of the top of your head that would work? I'd give a whirl at hooking, but I'm afraid I'm not in the best shape, and I'd seriously hate to see the takers. :)

Just kidding about that whole last paragraph, Mom!

Still in a haze about possibly leaving them. . .


Rosa said...

And here I thought you were talking about rug hooking! :0 I wondered how you could make money at that! LOL!
I too am looking at the possiblity of having to get a job for the summer. Not too happy about it but. . .
We do what we have to.
A good friend of mine with kids still at home took an evening waiteressing job.
This way her husband was at home with her kids at night and she was at home during the day and on top of minimum wage she also brought home tips.
It's hard work though and I don't know if you would have the energy to homeschool as well.
If you find any good ideas let me know.

Jenny said...

That would be awesome, Rosa, but my husband isn't home every evening, due to his work. In short, I'll say he's contracted by the airlines and not getting paid as often as he should, and it hasn't been busy at all lately. I'm hoping more folks fly intead of drive due to gas prices, but it looks like it's not happening yet.

I found this through an ad on the back of a minivan. See what you think.


BittersweetPunkin said... made me chuckle...

We could really use an extra income her at my house too but this is only our first year of school at home and it is really really kids are not little but I do know my son needs supervision. We are just going to tighten our belts about daycare? I mean you could take in a kiddo or two....just a thought.

Jenny said...

I've thought about taking in other kiddos before, but I don't know if I have the stamina for it. I'd hate for the parents to come pick their children up and find bodies all over the yard, lol.

SilliGirl said...

Oh my gosh, Jenny, that is huge! Are you looking for something so you can keep homeschooling, or are you considering putting them in school? I wish I could afford to hire you as a receptionist in the fall, because then you could have them at the studio with you. But unless I am overrun with students I don't see that happening. Too bad, because I could use the help.

I will be brainstorming ideas for you. Hang in there, sister!

Julie said...

Oh, Jenny!
I'm so sorry to hear that you're having to think about going back to work.
It's very hard trying to come up with something to do. We assume ourselves to be so unqualified for anything (as stay-at-home moms.)

I'm hoping that you won't have to give up homeschooling -- I truly believe that those who are called to homeschool are called by our Lord.

I'm certainly praying for you. I know that this cannot be easy and that you aren't taking this decision lightly. I'm just so sorry.

I pray, also, that your conditions will improve soon and that you may find something to do that will not require you to leave your little ones.

I know that things will work out, just fine, for you Jenny. I Know this -- but I also know that uncertainty is frightening. HE is watching over your sweet little family. You try not to worry (something that I'm completely incapabable of) and keep that sense of humor!

Many Blessings,

Rachel said...

Jenny, how about making quilts, aprons, and things like that? Your stuff is beautiful and you obviously love to do it. Could you start up an ebay store (almost no money) and see what success you might have?

Signed...the Queen of always needing more money ;)