Friday, May 2, 2008

Strange Eats. . .

It's 9 p.m., the usual bedtime for the kiddos and I'm still up with SuperBoy. Seems he's not quite sleepy and he still has an appetite. What does he want to eat? I know you're eager to know. Prepare yourself.

A ketchup sandwich. How disgusting is that?

I can't really talk as I don't care for milk at all and love orange juice. Therefore, I have o.j. and oreos, or o.j. and brownies. That's yummy to me.

What to you like that may be a strange concoction to others?


sulli said...

My son enjoys a good peanut butter and mayo sandwich every now and then...

Julie said...

Oh my gosh!!!!
I'm gaggin and laughing at the same time -- not for why you would think.........
My brother and I used to eat those!
YUCK! We also ate, mustard sandwiches and SUGAR sandwiches!
Mostly, I did it to keep up with older brother. Thought I had to be tough -- yeah, that was about as "gansta" as I got!!!!
I don't like milk either -- cow snot in a glass, is what I call it!

Jenny said...

PB and mayo? I think you may win, Sulli. Yuck. lol, and Julie, you crack me up. I just say it tastes like spit.