Friday, July 4, 2008

Apron Makings. . .

I recently aquired these after a fantastic sale at Zeppelin Threads in Cynthiana, KY, on my way to Florence, KY, just south of Cincinnati. Heather is an absolute doll to work with, and if I lived closer to her, I may actually live in her shop. She has such rich zany fabrics, that are next to imposible to find around here.

I tried to find swatches of the fabric from the internet to show you, but I do not have names for a few fabrics and the colors weren't so great in some, so I'll just use my pictures.

Shall we?

Mark Lipinski's Katmandu fabric.

Anna Griffin fabric titles Elsie's Kitchen. I feel another ruffled apron coming out of these.

Bubble Blast by Michael Miller. I have seen this fabric used in a full apron, and I just may try it with the Flirty Skirty apron pattern.

A possible pink apron with an orange ruffle for SuperGirl, and maybe enough to make another. (These are bunny rabbits on the pink fabric, not aliens, lol.)

This is the fabric SuperBoy could not leave without. He didn't throw a fit or anything, but he carried the bolt of fabric throughout the shop the whole time. He wanted the whole bolt (about 4 yards), but I settled for one. The color is closer to what you see at the top. It's a baby/sky blue.

This is my absolute favorite! It's Flower Show II by Benartex in peony damask aubergine. YUM!


The two fabrics below I recently ordered off of ebay. I love the second one. There are two pictures of that one because the crisp one shows the design better and the fuzzy one shows the color much better. It's also one of my favorites.


Rachel said...

What luscious fabric! Can't wait to see what you will make out of these. :)

BittersweetPunkin said...

Pretty fabric!!Happy 4th!! I hope you have a great weekend!!

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Wow ~ what a great collection of fabrics! Lucky girl!


Julie said...

Oh, Jenny!
They're all beautiful! But I think my favorites are the bubble blast and the Anna Griffin's kitchen!
Love, LOve, LOVE them!

I can't wait to see what you make with them! I always have the worst time cutting into beautiful fabric -- I've got stacks of fabric (and scrapbook paper) that I just can't get myself to cut into! Am I crazy or what?!?!?


ByLightOfMoon said...

You did get a great find at the fabric shop and I like what your found on ebay also. I saw your fabric squares on Lea's blog and had to check you out!
You will be smiling with fun fabric in your fingers when you make your aprons.

smiles, cyndi