Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blogger Question. . .

Why can't I center and/or change the size of my text like I use to? I haven't changed a single thing, but I miss being able to personalize my page more.

Thank you for any help you may have.


Julie said...

Well........ I know you're not talking to me. 'cause it's all i can do to turn my computer on!!!
Hope that someone can help you out, soon, though!

Thank you for the sweet comments about our home! My husband is such a nut, isn't he?!?!

I hope to see you soon. And next time save a piece of that blackberry cobbler?!?!?


Susan said...

Well, maybe because you are using Blogger? LOL. I'm a TypePad bloggie-person myself. I am so happy you visited my Toaster - you know, Raisin Toast? Thank you for your comment too. If you need help, Julie, personalizing your blog, I'd be happy to help. I don't know much about Blogger, but I sure can whip you out a pretty site on TypePad in no time flat. It only costs me 14.95 a month for the Pro account. Not bad considering how easy it is to use. Oh, and I'd help you out for nothin'. Especially since you left me such a nice comment on my blog. Blessings! Susan

Susan said...

Hey Jen! I've added your blog to my favorite's on my site - Raisin Toast. I'll help you put together a really nice blog as soon as you are ready.


Jenny said...

Cool! Is there any way to do it so it's free?

Thank you SO much, Susan!