Monday, March 17, 2008

We had to get Old Yeller fixed up. . .

Our remaining Lab, Saxton, had to go into the vets this morning for surgery. He had a couple of cysts we knew about removed from his left side and right paw, and one removed from his left shoulder that we didn't know about. He's home resting comfortably now. The 'Ol Fart is 11 (I think), and we're lucky to have him every day we do.

Now. If he just didn't look like Franken-Saxton. . .

Sweet Dreams, buddy,



BittersweetPunkin said...

OH poor Baby...I hope he feels better soon and is back to his old self again!

Julie said...

He's could be our lab's brother!!!
They look just alike! Check his accent and see how thick his drawl is... he might be from Louisiana.

I hope he's feeling better! Don't you just love dogs? Yeah, they chew up stuff, but really.... they're just the sweetest, most loveable, protective animals!!!
They just live to love and make you happy. Let me go give ours hugs!


Julie said...

BTW, I left you a comment on my blog about what you wrote, yesterday!!!!
Crazy girl!

Rachel said...

Aw, hope he is totally fine soon!

Rosa said...

Poor little soul!
geat well soon Saxton!