Saturday, March 29, 2008

SuperGirl learns to ride!

Guess what we did yesterday? Yup, we decided to teach SuperGirl to ride her trusty bicycle. So far so good. Of course, she hasn't fallen over on gravel yet, so it's not official that she's learning, lol. In a way, I hope I'm not here when that happens. It won't be pretty, and that I can guarantee!
The snakes are not real. Don't fret.

And then there's snake boy, a.k.a. Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs. He's just loving life.

Enjoy your Spring Saturday!


P.S. And speaking of "don't fret", I've thought about that for a personalized license plate. However, we're only allowed 7 spaces on our tags. So........... Would you put DNT FRET or DONT FRT? Personally, I find great humor in the second. Then there's the other one that's available: PLMYFGR.

Hey, I never claimed to be proper. Simple pleasures I have.


Julie said... better have that peroxide, alcohol, antibiotic ointment, and band-aid box ready!

It just breaks my heart when they fall. Especially that first time, it just sets their little spirits back a notch. But it's so exciting when they get back up and try again!

Good luck to Supergirl! And your precious little Mike Rowe! Our family watches, too.


Anonymous said...

Jumped over here from Pioneer Woman and just couldn't resist commenting on your considerations for personalized plates...

DNT FRET clearly reads "don't fret." DONT FRT, on the other hand, could also be read as "don't fart." Would you mind that interpretation???

Julie said...

Not seeing any wedding pictures, Missy!!!!! Come on chicka, you brought it up!!!!
Let's see 'em! ;*)

Jenny said...

Anonymous, that's clearly why I like DONT FRT, it looks like don't fart. I think it's funny, but I'm a goofy kind of gal.

Julie, you're as funny as SilliGirl. I'll have to dig some out and scan them. I'll see if I can get it to work. I actually wore a Jessica McClintock prom dress in a pale, pale green. It's truly nothing to write home about. TRULY!