Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Evan's quilt top. . .

This was suppose to be a 90x100" quilt and I made all the blocks for it. After thinking about things, I've scaled it back to a 60x80" quilt. What 3 year-old needs a king-size quilt?!? I'll use the rest of the blocks on the back and make 2 more to fill it in. It will basically look like it has two fronts.

Now to assemble the back.

Later Taters,
P.S. I used Alexander Henry fabrics for this one, and naturally, I can't remember the names of them. It's an African theme to go with the two hunting trips my husband has taken there. I'm sure they're the last two. :)


BittersweetPunkin said...

Thats a gorgeous quilt...I lvoe all the colors..it must have taken quite a bit of time to make.

Jenny said...

Oh, thank you Robin. It was actually super easy. THe worst part was cutting the 360 squares and rectangles and slicing the outside of my pinky with the rotary cutter. I actually was able to fit in putting all the blocks together in 2 days. The finished blocks are 15.5x20.5", so they're ptetty big. It's an easy one if you want to do one. It just looks tricky. Those are my favorite kind. :)

Again thank you,

Rosa said...

I'm also loving your quilt!
I'm hoping to give one a try myself. Now all I need is a really easy pattern! :)

kacey said...

great vivid colors in your quilt!

I'm out blog hopping and came across your blog from...well, from somewhere!