Friday, March 21, 2008

SuperBoy. . .

Earlier this evening SuperDad was cresting some arrows, and SuperBoy wanted a try, too. Here are a few pictures of him emulating his hero using an old arrow. I think this is his first time painting them. We have shots of SuperGirl doing this when she was younger, but none from today.

Sorry about the poor lighting.

Happy Good Friday.

Psst. . . I must confess. I ate meat for dinner. Oops.


Julie said...

He is just the cutest thing, ever!
Well, besides my son, of course!:*)

I just love that our son's are so crazy about their daddy's!!!
Not every man is blessed enough to say that. We have a couple of pretty good husbands, don't we?!?!

I had meat, too, in the Chicken Spaghetti. Are we bad?