Monday, March 24, 2008

Photos from Easter. . .

Almost to my in-laws. . .

On the way back to my in-laws from seeing my MOM, I showed SuperGirl the Greenbrier Hotel. She was rather taken. The ladies walking in in full-length fur coats didn't hurt either.

The road to my in-laws. . . I LOVE these trees. Hugaceous! Is that a word? How about ginormous? O.k., they're not redwoods, but they work what they have.

On the way home, I got a little carried away taking pictures. Keep in mind, these are not Pioneer Woman quality photos. I'm going to assume you already knew that. Sometimes we were under clouds, sometimes I left the flash on, hence the dirt dots on the windows from the sprinkles the day before.

Oh, here's the reflection of the lizard that travels on my dash.

Love the mountains.

Can you tell?

I also love this lonely barn. At least it has a tree to keep it company.

The cows were centered when I took the picture, but due to the delay and my husband not slowing down, this is what we end up with.

Great old home and I assume old servants quarters at a busy intersection. Just think what those boxwoods have seen.

Almost home.
Cool barn with mountains behind it.
Side/back view.
Poor river shot.
One last mountain to cross, and then we were home. Whew! Time to rest.
Enjoy your time off, if you have it.


Julie said...


Love, LOve, LOVE all these pictures!!!! Love the mountains, too!!!
My personal favorites are #3, those trees ARE hugaceous!
#8 farmhouse, yeah, THAT's what I'm talking about!!!!
#9 is that a business? Looks like it would make one of those too charming side of the road shops that sells homemade quilts and jams.....
#10 love that lonely barn, too
#14 and #15 should be framed -- love them TOO much! reminds me of something from Cheaper By the Dozen (the re-make, of course!)

sea mystery said...

I just found your blog and am enjoying myself reading your posts. You are so funny! Loved the picture with the lizard on the dashboard. My sister has one too that she calld "Mrs. Licky".
Carolyn xxoo