Thursday, March 6, 2008

SuperBoy strikes again!

You'll love this one Mom!

Note: I'm going to try changing our names for safety's sake. Let's see how it goes, lol. We now have SuperBoy (3), SuperGirl (7), SuperMom (ageless) and SuperDad (I haven't gotten written permission to use his age).

Now to the story....... SuperDad was helping me paint a bottom shelf and the top of a new quilting/laundry folding table today. O.k., he did all the sanding and painting.

Well, after we were done and I assumed everything was picked up outside, we started working on things inside the house. SuperBoy went back outside to play on his toy John Deere tractor and all was well.......................we thought.

SuperDad informed me that he had already put the tractor up, so he must be doing something else. After not seeing SuperBoy for several minutes and hearing no shreiks of delight or screams of terror, I decided to go find him. Turns out, he was painting his wooden play set and their teeter-totter/see-saw with a white paint roller that was left in the yard. Hmmmmm, who would have left that? I laugh and call SuperDad to show him the deed in progress. So, SuperDad freaks a little that SuperBoy would think to do such a thing, and I calmly remind him (with a smirk on my face) that SuperBoy was being "big" and helping like his Daddy was earlier. SuperBoy melted into tears at being caught and knowing he did something he wasn't suppose to, but all in all it was resolved rather peacefully. I was able to scrub most of the paint off and actually left a little for SuperDad to see so he can be reminded of our 3 year-old's antics. I thought it was pretty cute myself. As long as noone is hurt or something precious isn't ruined, it's a learning experience. It's not like he painted the foundation of the house.
Oh. Wait. I'll be right back.


Julie said...

This reminds me of a story about my big brother....

My father had been working on the car and went in to take a nap before work. When our mother checked on my brother -- he had put the jack under the car and jacked it up!!!!!
He was only 2 1/2!!!! Can you imagine?!?!?

She ran to get my Daddy and when he saw it, he was so proud (and amazed at his strength!) He had to go out there real quietly (so as to not scare him!) and just asked him, "What are you doing, son?" My brother, looked up at him (a little scared, at first -- then after reading his face) told him that he was "hepping Daddy wuck on de car!" My brother was one of the most beautiful little boys -- I'm gonna have to dig up a picture.....

Meanwhile, you might better hide that car jack!!!!


Rachel said...


That is going to tick you off something royal after about a week of trying to capitalize SuperBoy and SuperDad every post...LOL! But I admire you for trying. :)

BittersweetPunkin said...

Thats really cute! Did you say you took pictures? How sweet of him to want to help spruce the place up!

Julie said...

By the way...........

I still haven't seen you pull into my driveway?!? ;) I thought you were coming down, missy!!!