Monday, March 31, 2008

My Newest Project. . .

With all my free time (I'm being facetious), I thought I'd start a new project. What's one more, right? What do you think of these? Here's the fabric I've chosen to piddle around with. I thought SuperGirl would choose the creamy one, but she actually likes the blue.

Naturally. Anywho. If I can get a small, simple party planned for SuperGirl's birthday, I'd like to make one for each of her little buddies, budget permitting. I thought it would be a fun, practical memory to keep from the party. Thoughts?
I'm working on making the belts for the aprons, too. I have a pale pink, lighter, loden-y green and a darker loden-y green. I'll try to post a picture of those, too.
Now. I'm off to be motherly and break up an argument between sibs. Life is grand.


Julie said...

Supergirl has great taste!
That blue just really jumps out at you -- I agree with her!

If you found yourself running low on fabric, why not just use both fabs with the creamy one as a smaller portion of the apron. A more cottage-y feel? 'Cause they really go together well! You mentioned budget -- gingham is usually an inexpensive fabric (as well as one of my favorites!) if you needed to add to the flower print to complete the aprons...

Love the apron! What's the theme of her party? How long do you have to prepare?
Share, share, share!!!!!


SilliGirl said...

Also, don't forget those curtains you're making! ;)

Love the little aprons!