Friday, March 21, 2008

The Apron Book. . .

Here's my early Mother's Day present I picked out.

Can you tell I don't like waiting? O.k., I suppose you could say I'm impatient, but that sounds so negative. :)
For more info on The Apron Book, click here. I can't wait to peruse the pages with a cup of lemon zinger tea by a rainy window while cuddled under a homemade quilt in a chair I could sink into. In 20 years. For now, I'll grab little tidbits here and there. So far, I've read some wonderful stories. I think you would also enjoy it.



SilliGirl said...

But the real question is, can those aprons "do anything for you?" ;)

Julie said...

You had me off and dreaming with the "perusing the pages, sitting under a homemade quilt, sipping tea, on a rainy day" thing.....and then you said, "in 20 years!"
Girl, you just crack me up!!!!
I'd love to be in a room with you and your mother -- I'd be rolling on the floor!!!

EllynAnne said...

Happy early Mother's Day! Love how you chose to gift yourself.

Aprons connect us to women of earlier generations.Aprons are story telling vehicles.Aprons celebrate the spirit of the women who tie one on.

Thank you for appreciating this humble icon and all that it stands for.

xxxEllynAnne, author
The Apron Book