Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Prayers. . .

I wasn't asked to do this, but if it helps this family, I'm happy to do it. A young family in Texas welcomed home their new baby girl from the hospital on a recent Tuesday and their 3 year old son accidently drowned 2 or 3 days later. It must be so devastating, I can't even imagine. You can read more here. The community is hoping to pay off their hospital/medical expenses for the family, so there isn't an extra burden to carry on top of the tragic death. I totally trust the folks that have set it up and if it happens you lose the five dollars, it's just five dollars. What's that compared to a precious life? This family really needs the help, and thinking about it, I'd very much appreciate if I was ever in a similar situation.

God Bless this family with healing,


Julie said...

Oh Jenny,

Wasn't that the most terrible thing you've read in a while?

I need to try to find out if there's another way to help them,
but without their name - it's gonna take some work.
I don't have a paypal account.


Julie said...

I've been searching and can't find a thing on this little boy's obituary. Been checking all of east Texas' obits -- not sure where else to look.
You know, banks often set up accounts to help people (in these situations) out and you can mail a check directly to them. That's what I've been hoping to find.
I'll keep you posted if I find out anything.