Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Tools. . .

Here's my first tool choice. I love this rolling pin. It's made of rock maple and is so smooth and wonderful.

After researching a little, I found that a lot of baseball bats are also made of rock maple. Looks like my little lovely would also work to repell would be assailents on a long trip by myself. Who would have known this little diddy would be a multi-purpose tool? :)



Julie said...

Alton Brown (food network) said that you should never have anything in your kitchen that isn't multi-purpose!!!
Who ya gonna whack, first?!?!?!

Jenny said...

That's who/what I think of everytime I buy a tool, too! You're SO smart! Have you seen Feasting on Asphalt? I love it too!

Julie said...

Uh huh! I like that show, too!