Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Looking for Ideas. . .

I want to make up some business cards to hand out to folks that may be interested in my aprons, headbands, etc. at the farmer's market. Only problem is, I want to put a name on there, like a "company" name or something.

One special person in my life says not to inlcude the word "apron" in the name in case I stop selling them and swith to selling pet rocks, or something else. :)

Another special person said I should inlcude "apron" in the name because folks would get home with the card and wonder, "Where the heck did I pick this up?" and trash it.

What are your thoughts? Based on what you know of me, what you name me?

Let me hear those ideas! I beg you. :)

Thank you,


MamaMoon said...

I had a friend who handed out a business card that just had his name and under it "Artist" and that was all.

You could have your name, sew-ho, and then a short list of all the lovely things you make, including pet rocks.

oh, and some contact info, if you must.

MamaMoon said...

You could say SOHO SEWING and keep it PG and pretend you are from new york city.

Jenny said...

How about Soho Studio or Studio Soho? And that way my buddies and I would really know it stood for sew ho. LOL I love it.

marina said...

Make a card like that:
Handmade Stuff

and then put a rope with all the things you make like your profile icon, not real but painted,in a way like dancing in the air. So everybody will know what are you working with.Use vivid colours.

KS said...

I also think you should do something with the word "sew" in it. Because you do do other things besides aprons, but you mostly sew. (Haha, I just wrote aporns by mistake.)

Jenny said...

LOL, KS! You also wrote "do do". I know you meant do do, but I thought doo-doo to myself. :)

Forgive me if this humored no one but myself. :)