Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Final Thoughts. . .

Which of these two do you like best? Same info, different layout.

Your patronage and opnions are greatly appreciated. :)


Rachel said...

Hmm. I like a mix of both actually. And I like Sew Jenny b/c it cracks me up, but you're the boss!

Anyway back to the card. I think card #1 has more punch, but I'm wondering if you should also line your name up on the right side above your location/contact, so there's more space in between the your business name/description and your contact info. Right now your name and the description kind of run together IMO.

Rachel said...

Crap, knew I was going to get it wrong if I didn't see it.

CARD TWO has more punch all lined up on the left hand side, and then put your name along with the contact info on the right hand side. :)

Lochlanina said...

I prefer the second one with the names left justified and the contact info right justified. That set-up makes more sense to me for a card with a border on the left like that.
And I like the way the "negative space" (blank part) flows between the left justified longer to shorter lines and the right justified shorter to longer lines. It has a nice balance. IMO.

MamaMoon said...

dittio with the words on the left. otherwise the border is left hanging.

cant have that.

i hate a hanging border.


Anonymous said...

I like the second one with the left justification. I don't think you need Ruckerville in there, though. Love ya, Hotstuff!