Monday, August 11, 2008

Beijing. . .

I can clearly relate to Susan's post about the Olympics and our children's perceptions. SuperGirl and I were just watching some of the swimming we had tivoed (is that even a word?) and she saw a Chinese woman speaking in English and asked me if she was Chinese. I replied, "Yes, she is", and received the response of, "Well, how does she speak like that?" I then had to explain that folks in other countries can learn different languages just as we can, and then she asked me if all people in China speak English. Oy! I feel like I'm stuck in a whirlpool, being sucked downward in the spiral toward an incoherent land of gibberish. If you hear someone yelling "SAVE ME" soon, it may just be me. :)


marina said...

Children are so chaste!!! They ask so many things...And they want to know everything! Tell your daughter that it's beautiful that we can communicate through English.

And two Greek words from me to her:)
kalimera = goodmorning
kalispera = goodafternoon

Jenny said...

Oh, thank you! She will love that she knows something in Greek!

Have a wonderful evening, Marina!