Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Good 'ol County Fairs. . .

Well. I'm disappointed. But at least I had it explained to me on the way out of the fair this evening.

Both of my quilts, the pink one shown here in the top center........

And this blue and green one in the top center, both earned third place ribbons. Now I'm happy/please/tickled that I even received a ribbon, yada, yada, yada. But to see the red, white and blue diddy in the bottom of both pics win 2nd? Please.

Anywho, I found out why I received third on our way out of the fair. SuperFamily and I were looking at a little kiddo exhibit near the exit, when the woman was running it recognized me. She happened to register me on Sunday when I entered the fair. She mentioned that the lady judging the quilts liked my quilts well enough, but the quilting wasn't done by me. She said it looked like it was done on a longarm machine by a professional. It was. But still. I didn't realize I had to be the one that quilted the flingin' flangin' thing. Lordy. Looks like I won't be entering much of anything in the way of quilts any time soon.

On the brighter side, SuperGirl and I won first place with our aprons. Yay!

Did I mention I didn't see any other aprons?


Rachel said...

Yeah, my grandma made quilts and won ribbons. Have to be 100% hand done by you, baby! :) They are beautiful though.

And hey, your aprons would've totally won even if there were 50 other entries. ((JENNY))

Rosa said...

What a bummer!
The pink quilt is cute and I Love the blue/green one.
Congratulations on the aprons though. :)

marina said...

Hurrah for the GOLD medal in aprons!!
Hurrah for the COPPER one in quilts!!
You won two of them so be happy!:)

Dingo said...

Those quilts are beautiful! But, um, that red, white, and blue thing...well, I'm just going to keep silent about that.

I like your aprons. I like aprons because I'm a messy cook. Somehow though, I always manage to keep my aprons spotless but my clothes still get dirty. Sigh. That's how I justify my extensive pile of take out menus. I just can't afford all the dry cleaning that comes with trying to cook.