Friday, November 28, 2008

My Boy. . .

Tutu Mock-Up. . .

I'm working on some tutus for the Nutcracker that SuperGirl is in in mid-December. Here's the test run. Actually, it's test number 2. :) Only 8 more to go!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Scarf!

I finished it this morning and may put it into the etsy shop. Do you like it? I feel like it would get too hairy from our pets if I kept it. Either that, or SuperGirl would steal it. :)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Rachel's Apron!

Here's Rachel's apron done in Heather Bailey's Pop Garden fabric. I would love to decorate my home with all of her fabric. It's wonderful!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Introducing.......Aspen Simone. . . .

Meet Aspen the cast-iron pig. She'll be going with her knew owner in just a few hours over a couple of mountains to her new home. I bought her for my friend because she LOVES all things when-pigs-fly related.

My idea, goofy as it maybe, is to make a photocopy of one of these Aspen shots and send her to folks willing to show her their area/town. It would be much like Flat Betty or Flat Stanley. I guess that would make her Flat Aspen. LOL! Sorry, mind-in-the-gutter moment. Speaing of which, her name sounds like a pole dancer, which is why I couldn't name my daughter this. So yes, I'm now living vicariously through a cast-iron pig.

Which picture would you choose? Please let me know if you would like to show Aspen around and I'll get her ready!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tap, tap, tap, anyone out there?

O.k., so the last couple of posts haven't been really busy with comments. So today I thought I'd throw you a curveball. It wasn't my intention, really, but my husband received this and I thought I would do my duty and pass it on. :) It may be offensive to some, but please know I don't mean it to be. I do guarantee you will laugh.

Sorry Mom, I know you raised me better than this. If it makes you feel better, child number one hasn't seen it. :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Once Upon A Drive. . .

Random shots from our drive this afternoon trying to get SuperBoy to nap (no success).
From this morning. Fletch is still suffering with his neurosis. He says he can quit anytime he wants.

A pretty farm I came across on our drive. Love it! The trees were so pretty.

A calf that wasn't so pleased to see us. For this I got to see both ends of the animal at the same time. :)

Guido the Cat. I stopped to ask someone where they purchased their curtains and discovered this guy off of the drive-way near their back door. I learned his name is Guido because the older owners have two cats with long names and the husband said if they ever got another cat it would have to be a male named Guido. There you go. This cat is 6 feet tall and weighs 800 lbs. She said if we came back in a few days, she'd have a pilgrim hat on him for the holidays. Who can resist that!?!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Magical Apple Pie Filling. . .

We made Brin's Magical Apple Pie Filling earlier today. It says it's good for a beginner. I beg to differ. Maybe she meant "Good for a beginner with no children". It also doesn't help that I'm a canning virgin. Well. Not really. I watched Herbalina can some yesterday. Here are some shots of our afternoon. I plan to do another batch tomorrow.

SuperGirl, helping me stir.

Peelings from the first 20 apples. . .

Kitchen table, plus a Toys'R'Us gift mag, confiscated from the mail by the wee people.

Apple yumminess. That's a word, right?

How not to make the sauce. This is my second batch. The first batch, I heated while I finished cutting the apples. By the time I got back to the pot, it was already sticking to the bottom and no fun to stir. So this batch above, I poured everything into the hot water, corn starch included. Yeah. I forgot it helps to stir the cornstarch into some warm water to dissolve it before I cook with it. These were popcorn-size pieces that refused to dissolve.

They look so good before they go into the canning pot. The third batch of sauce worked like a charm.

After I removed them from their 20minute water bath, 4 of the 5 oozed their innards out. Not a delightful sight. Not on my first ever batch. Anywho, at Herbalina's recommendation, I put the ones that didn't seal back in for another round. That ended up being 4 of the 6. After I pulled those out, I had to give the last 2 a third bath. After they were all squeaky clean, only one didn't seal. Good golly, was that a LOT of work for 6 quarts. Let's say a prayer that the last 6 go much more smoothly. . .

More pictures to come. . .

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Fun New Site I Just Found!

Check out Sock Dreams! I haven't perused the whole site yet, but it looks like there's lots of fun stuff, armwarmers included. Enjoy!

Friday, November 7, 2008

How Exactly Does One Dry Pumpkin Seeds?

Man, is there a trick to drying pumpkin seeds? I sure thought it was pretty clear cut, that people just put them on a cookie sheet, or something similar and they air-dried. I feel like it's taking forever and now they may be starting to mold. Yep, the 'ol "M" word. Not my friend. Not now. Not ever. I dried them for a few days on our cookie sheet, then put them in the stove with NO heat(space restrictions), only to pull them out a day later a little sticky again. I thought they were already dry, but apparently they were holding a little moisture. Now they've been on a cookie sheet again, even in the sun, and now the mold decides to creep in.

What's the deal? Rosa? Anyone?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Neurotic & Cute. . .

O.k., here are some shots of Fletch in his Christmas clothes we found today at Target. I couldn't resist, especially after reading PW's post about Charles yesterday. So today, I decided to get closer to Fletch's level and take some shots of him.

And SuperGirl's favorite? Are you ready?


O.k. whoever, whomever, whatever, can tell me first the kind of tree this leaf came from (with documented proof) will be sent a package of seeds from our wonderful polka-dot pumpkin to add to their seed collection. No kidding. I cut our pumpkin open and there were seed packets in it. O.k., I lie. But still. I'll send you some in a little packet I make with my very own hands. Makes your mouth water, huh?

I have NO clue what it is, so you could absolutely tell me it's a Dingleberry Tree from the West Indies, and I'd likely believe you. Sad, huh? Anywho, let's see who guesses it, or comes the closest. I pulled the leaf from a tree in the Target parking lot. I promise it did not hurt the leaf or the tree in any way. I heard no screaming or whimpering whatsoever. Well, actually I did, it just wasn't tree-related.


Now to just sit back and wait on the results. . . Ugh. . .

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vintage Apple Festival. . .

We arrived at the Vintage Virgnia Apple Festival just before opening yesterday morning. Although it was chilly, it was perfect weather and crisp as could be.

It was a beautiful day, although it was chilly at first. The tent with the boxes under it was the main place to purchase your different apple varieties. Free samples too!

Just a few of the vendors on the right and a flatbed that had young ladies providing musical entertainment shortly after the picture was taken.

Three pots of applebutter going at once.

This one was still in the applesauce phase. Boy, did it smell yummocious.

The petting zoo that consisted of a precious calf and a skittish goat.

Preparing for the bumpy (read "extreme") hayride.

Another 30-minute hayride returning.

Girls playing their little hearts out. They did a wonderful job!

One of the barns I'd love to have.

A wonderful little pond on thier property.

A view of the festival while returning on the hayride.

A view of the trees on our bumpy excursion. Beautiful!

My boy on a tractor, completing our trip!

Almost home. . .

My $19 stash of apples for Christmas presents. They consist of Albemarle Pippins (delicious!), Ida Red, and Virginia Gold varieties. I plan to make some of Brin's Magical Apple Pie Filling to give as gifts. If any of you receive this, please act surprised, o.k.?