Sunday, November 2, 2008

Vintage Apple Festival. . .

We arrived at the Vintage Virgnia Apple Festival just before opening yesterday morning. Although it was chilly, it was perfect weather and crisp as could be.

It was a beautiful day, although it was chilly at first. The tent with the boxes under it was the main place to purchase your different apple varieties. Free samples too!

Just a few of the vendors on the right and a flatbed that had young ladies providing musical entertainment shortly after the picture was taken.

Three pots of applebutter going at once.

This one was still in the applesauce phase. Boy, did it smell yummocious.

The petting zoo that consisted of a precious calf and a skittish goat.

Preparing for the bumpy (read "extreme") hayride.

Another 30-minute hayride returning.

Girls playing their little hearts out. They did a wonderful job!

One of the barns I'd love to have.

A wonderful little pond on thier property.

A view of the festival while returning on the hayride.

A view of the trees on our bumpy excursion. Beautiful!

My boy on a tractor, completing our trip!

Almost home. . .

My $19 stash of apples for Christmas presents. They consist of Albemarle Pippins (delicious!), Ida Red, and Virginia Gold varieties. I plan to make some of Brin's Magical Apple Pie Filling to give as gifts. If any of you receive this, please act surprised, o.k.?


MissCaron said...

LOVED the pics! I sooo miss fall in Virginia. My aunt lives in western Maryland and we would go to her house every October and make apple butter. Good memories.

Rosa said...

What a lot of fun!
Most of the really tasty apples can only be found at the farmers market in the fall and they actually come from British Columbia,our neighbouring province.
Have fun making the pie filling!

Rachel said...

WOOT! We plan to go apple picking next weekend if I can remember. I'm one of those weirdos that doesn't like anything apple related--not even pie! But apple picking is an experience not to be missed, and I do like cider. :D

Julie said...

Oh, Jenny!
I wish that I could have come!!!!
That looked like so much fun!
And what a beautiful picture of the trees........

I just made some apple pie filling, too!
And, yes, I will act surprised with my gift. Oh, weren't you talking to me?