Tuesday, November 4, 2008


O.k. whoever, whomever, whatever, can tell me first the kind of tree this leaf came from (with documented proof) will be sent a package of seeds from our wonderful polka-dot pumpkin to add to their seed collection. No kidding. I cut our pumpkin open and there were seed packets in it. O.k., I lie. But still. I'll send you some in a little packet I make with my very own hands. Makes your mouth water, huh?

I have NO clue what it is, so you could absolutely tell me it's a Dingleberry Tree from the West Indies, and I'd likely believe you. Sad, huh? Anywho, let's see who guesses it, or comes the closest. I pulled the leaf from a tree in the Target parking lot. I promise it did not hurt the leaf or the tree in any way. I heard no screaming or whimpering whatsoever. Well, actually I did, it just wasn't tree-related.


Pony 24 said...

hey how old are u

Pony 24 said...

u mak clouhs?????????

sorry u dont have to answer the last one abd i think ur dog is adrible

Julie said...

Jenny, it IS, in fact a Dingleberry tree -- but... it's origin is the East Indies, NOT the West. You were so close!
Seriously, that is a great little racket, you've got going on... offering gifts for knowledge! I've got a few trees in our yard that we can't seem to identify. Man, why didn't I think of this?!?!?

Rosa said...

I have no idea. And me a gardener!!