Friday, November 7, 2008

How Exactly Does One Dry Pumpkin Seeds?

Man, is there a trick to drying pumpkin seeds? I sure thought it was pretty clear cut, that people just put them on a cookie sheet, or something similar and they air-dried. I feel like it's taking forever and now they may be starting to mold. Yep, the 'ol "M" word. Not my friend. Not now. Not ever. I dried them for a few days on our cookie sheet, then put them in the stove with NO heat(space restrictions), only to pull them out a day later a little sticky again. I thought they were already dry, but apparently they were holding a little moisture. Now they've been on a cookie sheet again, even in the sun, and now the mold decides to creep in.

What's the deal? Rosa? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

Leave them somewhere cool and dry,after you spread them out, otherwise, warm and wet, they will mold. Ask Phillip.

We usually boil ours in salt water and then spread them on a cookie sheet and bake them in the oven. Eat and enjoy. And then buy seeds to plant :)

Rosa said...

Bummer! I hate it when stuff like that happens! :(
I was pretty sure you had to actually bake them so I checked my Joy of Cooking and sure enough, they need to be toasted.
Put on ungreased baking sheet in a 325 degree oven for 5-7 minutesand stir often so they don't burn.

Jenny said...

Thank you, Rosa and Ramona! Just to make sure we're in the same place. I'm saving them to plant next year. Surely I wouldn't bake them, would I?

Rosa said...

Oh Dear! I thought you wanted to EAT them! LOL!
No you would NOT want to bake them if you want to plant them.
I'm thinking a good wash in plain water, sopping up as much water as possible with a towel then spread them in a single layer on paper plates and leave in a warm place to dry.
By the way, I can't get your e-mail to work. Check my bog for my e-mail and let me know how to reach you. I would love to be your facebook friend! :)