Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tap, tap, tap, anyone out there?

O.k., so the last couple of posts haven't been really busy with comments. So today I thought I'd throw you a curveball. It wasn't my intention, really, but my husband received this and I thought I would do my duty and pass it on. :) It may be offensive to some, but please know I don't mean it to be. I do guarantee you will laugh.

Sorry Mom, I know you raised me better than this. If it makes you feel better, child number one hasn't seen it. :)


MamaMoon said...

"What did dat deen man do?" Maybe you can explain this to my son??

Jenny said...

Hey, lady, I'm not responsible for your end of the computer. Let your hubby explain it to him. LOL

Rosa said...

Okay, this had me laughing hystericaly!
My BOYS however (16 and 18) thought it was gross. They were quite distrubed at how funny I found it.
When did they lose that sheer joy boys have in a good fart joke?!!
Man, I'm getting old. . .

MissCaron said...

OMG that was too funny!