Friday, February 29, 2008

Trees. . .

I wish I could know the history of these trees. They're amazing. The oak(I think) on the top of my blog is about 15 miles away from Fox Hollow and it's my absolute favorite. I've named her Gretchen. The one below is an old one that I've seen the turkey vultures sit in to air their wings after a rain storm. In itself, that's a pretty awesome sight. Never thought I'd say that, but it is.

I should have taken another picture when I took this one a month or so ago, so I could incorporate the full field it sits in. It's in an odd spot and you get the best view just driving by. I'd have to pull into a ditch to get the shot from the road and I'd rather not have to explain that to The Dad, lol. In the fall, the grass is processed into hay and it's another lovely site. Seeing this old, what looks to be mostly dead, tree surrounded by bales of hay or straw with mountains in the background. Naturally, I haven't had the camera when the birds are "line drying". I'll try to do better.


Julie said...

I love trees........ so glad that you post pictures of them!

I take pictures of them, too. But mine seem so ordinary when I look at yours.....


SilliGirl said...

Gretchen is my absolute favorite too. I noticed her the first time I ever visited here, almost five years ago. She had one of those red plastic ribbons around her, and I was terrified they had slated her to be cut down, but it was actually that she was the only one to survive all the development in that area. Every time I drive by I admire her. I'm glad to know her name finally....I had always wondered. ;)