Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A few pictures from our past few days. . .

Poor, poor Lovey. . .

B was enjoying dressing up her kitty, Lovey, who really prefers not to be dressed up. If you're wondering where the clothes are from, B has a stuff dog Lola who she buys regular dog clothes for. Odd yes, but it keeps the dog clothes clean. :) I wouldn't dare put them on our Jack Russell since I know they would be ruined in under five minutes. No offense, Penny.

Here's Hobbes, dressed on the same day Lovey was. . . totally oblivious.

Lola will get her shot at stardom in the next post. :)

How was your weekend?



guess who said...

I saw "Jenny in VA" recounting her most embarrassing moment on Pioneer Woman's blog and thought... hey, that sounds like a familiar story... and I know a Jenny in VA. And now I follow the link and see it is you! Can you guess who found you?

Jenny said...

Good Googley Maroogley, no! It's hard to tell as I have so many groupies. ;) I would guess one of three: Kelly, Monique or Summer?

Give it up, who are you?


keely said...

Sorry to keep the mystery going for so long :) I forgot to come back and check the commetns here!

How the heck are ya?