Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This afternoon. . .

Bad weather headed this way this afternoon. Everyone be safe and stay well.
P.S. And we ended up with about 16 raindrops. So much for that forcast. :) I have to say I'll take that over hail, winds and tornadoes any day. xoj


Rachel said...

They don't know what bad weather is in Virginia. First time I saw them close the schools for 1/4" of snowfall I about fell out of the chair laughing. They should move to Michigan for a year, that would forever change their minds on what cold really is!

Julie said...

Jenny! You crazy girl!!!! I just got back online (after a visit with the dentist, ugh!) I read your 2 license plate ideas!!! You're seriously cracking me up!!!!
SEW HO , for sure!!!!

Yep, I've visited Pioneer Woman! I've made her cinnamon rolls a couple of times. Though I have to half the recipe (I don't have a bunch of ranch hands to feed!) Love her -- but who doesn't, huh?!?!

What are "recurve bows" ? My husband is at work, so I can't ask him right now.

Love, love your new banner and yesterdays picture of the day!
Your little boy is too precious!

Oh! Guess what? I broke out the crockpot today, for the first time!!!! Yay! I'm making the potato soup you suggested and using onion salt (just like you!) The grocery didn't have any "good looking" onions. I added a pound of ground sausage -- 'cause hubby is a meat eater and wouldn't go for potato soup otherwise! Too "chick-y" (I guess)!! I've only made it once before (but cooked it on the stovetop) and had to add a bunch of meat, then, as well!!!!

Okay, I'm gonna quit taking up all the room on your comment box!

Many Blessings,

Julie said...

Jeeeennnny? Whooo hooo? Where ya at?????

did the weather get any better?
We're in for another round, tonight. The severe kind. Yikes!

Feel free to pray for us!