Friday, February 22, 2008

Best question (so far) today. . .

Kids are in the bathroom, making noise that I haven't really heard before. . .

I say, "What are you guys doing?"

7 Year-old daughter says, "What do you mean?"

What do I mean?!? Honestly, could I say it ANY more clearly??


Soon, folks,

Update, Julie: Kid1 says,"Um, nothing." That's never good.
Turns out, Kid1 was giving a bath to the head of a Barbie with some bubble bath. Yes, you read that correctly, a head from a Barbie, actually a Barbie wannabe. She found her old bubble bath in the bathroom closet and decided to see how soapy/bubbly it would be while Kid2 was probably itching to get in on it. :)


Anonymous said...

Hmm....Wonder what that means ??

Julie said...

Well...........don't leave us hangin'!!!! What were they doing?!?!?

I love getting that answer when I ask that question, too! The only one that I could possibly appreciate more is, "we're not doing anything........" with mad shuffling ensuing!

Oh! I do still love your yard! It's huge and it's all yours!
Looks like you don't have any loud neighbors, either!!!


The Preacher's Wife said...

love it...!

Thanks for your visit to my blog today...! :))


SilliGirl said...

I swear the bath is a breeding ground for play you don't really want to know about!

Jenny said...

Hey Silligirl, the things I could tell you. . . Remind me next time I see you.


P.S. I love the "peanut" story from SilliTot!

Julie said...

Too funny! She probably just wanted to make sure her Barbie was as clean as she is! Or rather .... her Barbie's head!!!

Did her little brother take the head off? My big brother used to rip the heads off of my Barbies!