Saturday, February 16, 2008

Our family's newest archer!

Evan (3) received his first longbow in the mail today while Daddy was at a bow shoot. Daddy came in first with something like a 254 out of 300. Woo-Hoo! E didn't even let him sit down when he came home. They immediately went to the back yard and started learning to shoot. A friend of Daddy's made the bow after getting E's measurements.

B has had her bow for a year or two. Getting better all the time. The posts you see in the picture are not the target. Promise. Those are the remnants of an old hanging target that haven't been removed yet since they have a base in the ground of cement.

Here are all three of them shooting at one of the two deer targets. Thankfully, everyone will have their own target if they choose to shoot at the same time, lol.
I hope to post more later,


Julie said...

Oh, Jenny!

Those pictures are so sweet!

My husband and I loved your backyard! Beautiful!