Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lola's bath. . .

This is old news here, but I love her story and the pictures. Who would've thought a little Westie could have such a charmed life? We chose to give her a bath in soak wash. I was asked to try it by Mark Lipinski from Quilter's Home magazine . I figure if it's good enough for quilts, it's good enough for our little Lola. Turns out, I loved the stuff and need to get more! Mark's magazine is a riot too!
Anywho. . .
Lola's not feeling so pretty and fresh, and she's being quite bashful due to her less-than-dainty appearance.
Let's just say she was really feeling the moment. Her first spa treatment.

Gasp! She has eyes!

Getting towel-dried off. Already looking like her old self.

Look out lads, here I come! Va-va-voom!
Try out the soak and Mark's mag! You'll love them both!
Stay warm and dry today!


Blue Mermaid Cafe..... said...

Jenny, how funny! You have a charming blog. Thank you dear heart for your kindness to send Elizabeth a card. I am posting from my other site Blue Mermaid Cafe. My other site is Red Tin Heart. Just wanted to say thanks and I will e-mail your our address. xoxo nita

Rachel said...

Okay, that is an adorable post!