Monday, January 14, 2008

The Object of Yesterday's Affection. . .

I haven't made a pie in ages, until yesterday. I was inspired to do so after seeing some yummy granny smith apples at the store and after reading Pioneer's Woman's blog about Sylvia L.'s P-P-P-Pie Crust: . Now how do folks do those links where they just have to click on the person's name? I'll have to keep fiddling with this stuff.
The apple pie recipe I used I found somewhere else in the universe and I'm clueless as to where that special place may be. The lattice on top is much easier with stor ebought crust. This homemade one was so flaky it broke easily. If there's a trick to keeping it from breaking, please let me know.
Here was our end result. It was wellllllllllll worth it. It's already gone actually. Oops. Never mind. There was no oops about it.
Later taters. . .