Monday, January 21, 2008

My Girl is Getting SO Big. . .

B and her buddy, Emma. Em's in stripes.

O.k., so she's 7. We took the kids roller skating for the first time yesterday. Hubby and I didn't skate due to him fracturing his wrist and pelvis a couple of years ago and me slicing my finger open. His excuse was better than mine, but hey, I'll use what I can.

We went with some friends of ours and we were able to get some pretty good shots. I actually sat and cried a little because B ended up going off with her buddy on her own, not needing to hold my hand to stand up or move around. Not a big deal to most folks, but to those who know Brenna, she's very attached. E could care less about sticking close most of the time, but this was certainly a big deal in my eyes for Miss. B.

E would have been content to stay in the gameroom the whole time. Maybe it'll be more fun next time. We'll try to go again in a couple of weeks. B already wants a pair of roller skates.

Night night,


Julie said...

Happy Birthday, Brenna!

I know how you feel, Jenny. Eveytime they take those steps, it's such a struggle within ourselves. We want (and need) to be happy that they're taking those steps towards independence and yet....... they are our babies and we can't help but feel that ache (not one that you can easily describe, but those of us that experience it, know it exactly.)

When our oldest daughter turned 16 and got a job. I was so happy for her to experience all that she was and I could be there to listen to her day and know that she was doing something so very important for herself and her future. Yet......... my heart was aching, for myself, because I missed her so very much. It took many tears to reconcile myself to the fact that it was, indeed, what was best for her. She later told me that she cried alone, too, until she knew it was the best for her.

We (as homeschool mothers) have put ourselves in such a position. I'm not complaining, by any means, I know that I am so very blessed!!! I just think, sometimes, about how we have "given up our lives" (according to the world) to raise our gifts and prepare them for independence -- but where does that leave us? We are literally working ourselves out of a job!

It leaves us with so much -- but never enough words to explain. I'm not sure if words could explain. I know that my heart overfills, daily, blessfully!

I'm sorry that I rambled on, so much. I hope this makes some sense!?!?!? Just know that you aren't alone. I've been ridiculed, as well, for caring too much!

Many Blessings,