Monday, January 14, 2008

I've been meaning to post for a couple of days now. Three nights ago, while B was sleeping, I was able to pull one of her teeth that had been loose for at least six months. No joke. That sucker had been in there for months without a person to wiggle it. Well, technically B was there, but she refuses to touch the loose teeth in her own head. Me, I was a kid that didn't mind that stuff a bit. But that's another story. Anywho, I let her sleep until she was in her deep sleep mode and went to work. Moved her lips up and down, with no waking. We were golden. I wiggled forward, backward, sideways. No luck. Next I tried dental floss. I looped it around the top to try to pull it down. Wouldn't work. With the top of my thumbnail, I pushed down on the tippy top of the tooth trying to release the stubborn thing. Nope. Wouldn't budge. That sucker was clearly hanging there by a thread. Hmm. Next I tried prayer. I asked that if it didn't work, that she could possibly eat rocks the next day or something. I was so tired of seeing that little tooth hanging there, mocking me. Oh, this was the tooth next to the big ones on top. I forget the name. Finally, I got in there and wiggled and jiggled, twisted and. . . What rhymes with twisted? Anywho, I twisted and voila! Poof! The tooth came out lickity split in my hand. I was ecstatic. I was ready to call my best friend in Kentucky who would totally understand. Perhaps not at 10:30 at night, but you get my drift. I was stoked! I was also going to call her, because we had also extricated one of B's teeth last October at her house during a visit(same tooth, opposite side). That one I was able to pop out with my thumbnail, but this one made me work for it.

B came out the next morning looking over her imaginary glasses pointing to the empty space in her mouth. Shortly after, there was a grin though. She said she'd like to lose all of her teeth this way from now on. Go figure.
To make matters worse, the stinkin' tooth fairy forgot to come the next night. B switched beds in the middle of the night so she could come in with me, and I think the tooth fairy missed her and became a little confused. :) It was resolved last night, but, naturally, the monetary amount was lacking according to B. Tough little booger she is. Just wait til she's a parent, Lord help us, and she learns the tooth fairy also has a budget to adhere to.

All is well this morning. Have a peaceful day.



Julie said...

Hi, Jenny!
Thanks, so very much, for your encouragement! It was so sweet and thoughtful of you to do that!!!!
We are a homeschooling family, too!
Looking at your profile, I noticed that we have a lot in common!Hobbies and interests, and all! And we're from the blessed south! I just love being a "southern girl!" Being on the 40 side of my 30's, I guess, I'm not really a "girl" anymore, though ;( !!!
Although, I guess we're more 'deep south' -- being in Louisiana! I love old barns and churches, too and would love to restore one to live in! You're gonna have to live out that dream for me, I bet! That's okay, with me, though! Just remember to share on your blog because I love to live vicariously!
Thank you, again!

P.S. I love the name of your blog - is it the name of your house? I want to move to the country and name our house.........