Thursday, January 24, 2008

My son, Chicken Little. . .

Sandy, who cuts our hair, always has E put on some glasses after a haircut and swears he looks like Chicken Little. These blue specs are hers, and they don't do much justice. I think he's cute nonetheless, but I suppose I'm partial, too.



Julie said...'re not just being partial, he IS cute!!!!!

How's your finger doing? Yikes!
When I read about it, I just cringed! Have you made it to the doctor, yet, still working on it yourself? I don't blame you (if you haven't gone yet) but you need to take care of that finger!!!!

About the new bed...... the first night wasn't quite what I was hoping for, but last night was great! Our backs are already starting to feel better! YAY!!!!


Rachel said...


Just found your blog after reading PW's comments today. I LOVE the pictures you've taken. I'm in VA too, always interested in beautiful places in this state.

Just wanted to say hey!

Julie said...

Hi, Jenny!

I'm so glad to hear that your finger's doing better!!!!! You poor thing, I can't believe you had to have a tetanus shot! Yikes! I bet that DID hurt. I think I was a child the last time I had one (I know, I know -- please don't scold me!)

Thanks for the compliment on the banner. I can't get it to line up, though! Ugh!!!! I love yours! Is that your home? I showed my husband and he was wondering and wanted me to ask you, too! Either way, it is so dreamily beautiful!

Have a blessed weekend!

Jenny said...

Hey Julie! It's not our house, but it's about 6 miles from ours. I was driving B to dance class a couple of weeks ago, and decided to drive by this little farm. I love it, and when I saw the sky so pretty and blue in the background, I just had to grab a shot. Since you like it, I'll leave it on a little longer. That, and I'm not sure what else will fit on the banner either. Isn't that tricky stuff? Keeps our minds working though, lol.


Julie said...

Hi, Jenny!

Thanks! You did make me laugh -- with that "Downtown Julie Brown" thing! You might just be as crazy as I am!!!

Oh, please, please, please, post your potato soup recipe! I love potato soup!!!!

Many Blessings,

P.S. I ended up cooking, last night. Red beans and rice.
Didn't do the takeout thing......