Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A few of my quilts. . .

I believe this is my favorite one. I made it for my best friend, Jody, as a Mother's Day present in 2005, I think. If you can see them, there are 2 full cirlces on the right hand side. One is blue, one is pink, to symbolize my son and daughter. She is also their Godmother, so every time she looks at this quilt, she'll hopefully see her two "children". She has no chidren of her own yet and she's engaged to be married this coming October. YEAH! Jody's quilt won first and best of show in it's year at the county fair.

This one is the latest baby quilt I've done. It's called Summer's Surprise, after the momma-to-be. She's since had baby Wren last October and I'm so happy they had a girl since I made this predominantly pink. It wasn't by choice, it was what I had to use. I already had all the colors in the top, and I found the dark fuschia at a local quilt shop. It just called to me with words such as family, frinedship, courage, home, etc., all over the top. I tried to make all of the little fuschia center squares on top contain one of those words. It measures 48"x48" and was one of my fastest. It won first and best of show at the county fair.

This aqua and lime diddy was made for Wren's older (2 years) brother, Aedan, as a gift when she was born. I wanted him to have a speical gift too. I may enter it into the fair next year.

I can't find the comleted picture of this quilt. I'll keep looking, since it has a border not seen here. This was a mystery quilt we did New Year's Eve of 2006, I think. It won third place at the fair last year. It's now my husband's chair quilt in the living room, until I get a larger one completed. The purple one below was suppose to be his, but I'll explain that later. I think this one is 60 something square. I love the poinsettias!

This one is E's baby quilt, called Stars and Stripes for Evan. Original, huh? I wanted it to be square, so I added the stripes down two sides, hence the name. :) This won second at the county fair.

Here is my mother-in-laws quilt. I totally forget what I named it. Oops. Something about butterflies, since that's what the smaller patterns inbetween the batik strips are. This was a Hoffman Challenge fabric that year. Someone actually left me a note wanting to buy it, but I had to say no to keep peace in the family. :)

Here's an outside picture of it. It's a lap quilt and used over her living room chair as well.

This red and white circle was to be a center for a Round Robin I never participated in. Now I have to find something to do with it. Maybe other red and white blocks to create a lap quilt. I'm welcome to ideas here, folks.
This is a sweatshirt jacket I made for E. I don't have a completed pic for it either, but it turned out cute as can be. The fabirc was all batik with bugs on it.

Here's a sample I've kept because I think it's so darn cute.

This is a bag a made for my girlfriend with Asian and batik fabrics. This is a super easy pattern, but the end result looks difficult. You siimply make a bunch of the same block in like colors and cut them in quarters. Can you tell what the original block was?
Maybe this will help. This is it before it was pieced.

Ahhhhh. . . The quilt that will not end. This is Tilted Mountains, a pattern from Better Homes and Gardens American Patchwork and Quilting. It was all going so well, until my husband asked me to pick some things up. Now? I have no idea where the rest of the quilt is. Fat lot of good that did him. It has green batiks and some fuschia in the other borders, I think. If you see the fabric pieces somewhere, let me know. They're alread cut and partially pieced.
If I find more quilt pics later, I'll try to post them. I need to finish Jody's wedding quilt and make E a bigger quilt. He's just not content with his baby quilt. :)
Off to dig out his fabric. . .
and where is that stinkin' zoloft?


Julie said...

Oh my gosh! Your quilts are beautiful!!!! I am soooooooo jealous! Have I told you that, before? Cuz I really am!

You totally got ripped off (placing 2nd) for Evan's Stars and Stripes -- the contest must have been fixed, because it is truly adorable. I love how bright and happy it is!!!

My favorite is Wren's baby quilt. It is simply stunning! I'll quit gushing, but it's gorgeous!

I'm also jealous that y'all have county fairs! If we had them, I guess they'd be called "parish fairs"..........but still.........
I read about them in books and just daydream. You are so blessed!


Anonymous said...

Visiting from Pioneer Woman's blog and just had to comment on your beautiful quilts!!!! I just love the lime one. It's just gorgeous!!

Roseann said...

Can you tell me how you made the Summer's Surprise Quilt? I just love it!