Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Yesterday Evening's Family Time. . .

We went to Shenandoah National Park yesterday evening for a cookout, look for deer and other animals and family time. We left during a thunderstorm at our house and thought we'd be fine on the mountain only 12 miles away. We were fine, as expected, for about 40 minutes, until another little storm popped up. We loaded up in record time, and travelled on to Big Meadows.

The family is looking at a doe bouncing away after we discovered her lying in the bush on the left-hand side of the picture. Here, she is just to the right of everyone. Boing, boing, boing. . .

After Big Meadows, it was time for Dark Hollow Falls. Here's a map.

Cool tree!

Do you folks like the new header, or should a picture of the kiddos be up there?

Stay cool wherever you are!


Julie said...

all your picyures are just beautiful! You live in such a beautiful area!!!

I love both headers -- you really just can't go wrong with either!


Rosa said...

Love the new header!
And there's nothing better than an adventure that takes you out into nature with food!
I love a picnic. I used to have them all the time when my kids were younger.
We've even packed up the picnic basket and had dinner on Henry's warehouse floor when he had to work late!

Jenny said...

Julie, thank you! The camera really didn't do the numerous mountains justice, but you get an idea. I love these mountains.

That's an awesome idea to have had a picnic on the warehouse floor so you could eat with Henry. How special! I love being outdoors, but after being raised my first 9 years with my Dad, I get a little paranoid. It's just SO quiet and peaceful. Makes me feel like Freddie Kruger is in the woods watching me. Either that or the bears. :)

Yeah, I have issues, lol.

Rachel said...

SO beautiful! Thanks for all the beautiful pictures. I think you might want to resize it a little's a bit too high IMO.