Tuesday, June 17, 2008

SuperDad's Rescue. . .

He was raking the yard earlier today and raked over this little babe, realized what he saw and picked it up in his gloves. I went to get the ladder and we put it back with its momma. I hope it came out trying to fly, not during our storm yesterday. Either way, it's a wonder it survived.


Julie said...

Oh! That is too sweet!
SuperDad has definitely earned his title!!!!

We had a grapevine wreath with some faux ivy intertwined around the bottom, hanging next to our carport door, a few weeks ago.
A mama bird set up a nest in there, hatched her babies, and it was just the cutest thing (except when she would dart out at us as we walked past! I almost needed an adult diaper a couple of times!!!)

Anywho, the day that she was kickin' em out -- noisy, noisy!
There were only 2 and they reminded me of our daughters.
They both fussed, but 1 tried it, came back a couple of times and then was independent. the other was just like our oldest, just would NOT even try it. She and the mama were just a "talking" and hopping around the bottom of that wreath until I couldn't watch anymore (I got a headache from watching all this through the peephole with 1 eye!) They finally left, though, and never returned.......
Hubby threw the wreath away....

Whew! Are you tired of me or what?!?!?


Liz said...

Oh, that is so sweet. I hope it's ok. The picture on your banner is beautiful!