Sunday, June 15, 2008

A Rescue of Sorts. . .

Look what we found walking all over a four-lane intersection on our way home from the grocery store today.
Yep. We loaded it up into SuperDad's truck (he took mine to work to save gas), brought the beast home and gave it food and water, which it wasn't interested in. That's good, it wasn't starving. I called the sheriff's office since the animal control is only open 3 days a week (???!) and said I had a dog. "A big white one?," they say. I felt like they were looking in on my life for a moment. Anywho, sorted it out, and they know where the dog lives, but it's people aren't home. The sheriff's office is suppose to call me when they contact the dog's peeps. I can't even tell if this dog is male or female, it's so stinking hairy. It has a beautiful pink collar on and lifts its leg to pee. You tell me.

Meanwhile, the kiddos are having fun with the big bundle of slobber. If I could get away with it and had clippers, I'd shave the pup. I can't imagine how hot it must be under all that hair. We could probably spin it and sell it at the Farmer's Market next week. :)

Have a great weekend, all!

UPDATE: Buddy, the 3 year-old Great Pyrenees, is home safe and sound with his family. Turns out, his family went away for the night and assumed he'd be fine. In all likelyhood, he would have been, had we not had some thunderstorms yesterday evening. Buddy is petrified of thumnderstorms and somehow escaped his fenced in yard, while his 3 schnauzer counterparts did not. He lives less than half a mile where he was found, in the intersection. I'm guessing he was just looking for his family after he freaked out during the storm. Thankfully, the family will be moving north to Culpeper to a 20 acre chunk of land. I'll pray he stays there and doesn't leave in a frenzy from a thunderstorm. Long live Buddy.


Rosa said...

Ha, Ha!
If the dog has a pink collar it's probably a girl.
My dog jada (a girl) lifts her leg about as often as she squats to pee.9Who knows why?)
And as for all that fur, not to worry. A dog's thick coat will insulate it from the heat somewhat as well as keeping in warm in the winter.
If she gets really hot just hose her down. She'll stay wet for ages!
Have fun!