Sunday, June 1, 2008

SuperGirl's Trophy. . .

Patiently waiting while making faces at mom.

Yesterday afternoon, SuperGirl received a trophy at gymnastics for attending 5 consecutive sessions. She was hesitant to get up in front of everyone, but she did it and was proud of herself in a quiet way. It was like she didn't want to acknowledge that she did it, and survived. lol Gymnastics and dance are her two favorite things at the moment. I'm hoping sports eventually comes in, but I doubt it will. She doesn't want to have anything to do with hard balls or things coming at her.

We're proud of you SuperGirl!!! This is just the beginning for you!


Julie said...

You go, SuperGirl!!!!

I can "feel" her pain with the sports......we had to learn all the history/rules/etc. from each sport and then "play" in P.E. and I was just terrible. I just made my coach insane -- she would ask me how ANYone could possibly be so girly? EXCEPT when it came to floor hockey........ I kicked butt in floor hockey! My husband saw me play a couple of times (we had the same P.E. hour for a few months) and he couldn't believe it was me -- he still pokes fun! Good times...good times....