Friday, May 9, 2008

Fabric and Birthday Parties. . .

Ahhh, the fabric and hat pattern all came today. Life is so much better. Aside from family, what do you treasure/look forward to? What is your passion? Silligirl, I believe I know your answer, but I may be wrong. :)

Tomorrow, we're throwing a joint birthday party for the May babes here. I had planned on 2 small seperate ones, but SuperBoy insisted he only wanted 3 of the girls coming to SuperGirl's party. Sooooooooo, I just combined them.

I've never done a party for these two before and I'm starting to get a little anxious. We have no seating. O.k. We have 4 outdoor chairs. On the up side, we have lots of grass. I've just sent emails out to let folks know a blanket or chair may want to accompany them. Roughly, I'm expecting 15-20 kiddos, most of them siblings. I love the group of folks coming, so I know all will go just swimmingly. Did I just say "swimmingly"? Oy. What have I become?

I'll try to tune in tomorrow evening with many pictures to share from our day.


Rosa said...

Hey Jenny,
Enjoy the birthday party!

Julie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday to your little ones!!!
I can't wait to see the pictures!

Don't lose anybody -- 15-20 children?!?!? Wow!

Happy Mother's Day!

SilliGirl said...

I know you think I'm going to write dance, but it's really ice cream...

Have a blat today...we'll miss you, but at least that cuts your count to 12-17 kids! Those suckers do add up quick, eh?

SilliGirl said...

Um, I meant, have a BLAST...not a blat.

Good grief!