Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Sweeter Than Honeysuckle. . .

These are our 3 judd viburnim bushes in front of our house. They're about 5-6 feet tall and smell miles better than honeysuckle ever thought of smelling!

If you ever get the chance to smell one of these, please do! They really are a yummy plant, but I don't think they're edible. :)

And this is the bee friend I made while taking pictures of the flowers. Any idea what the little yellow sacs are on either side of its body? Supergirl thinks they are pollen collectors, and her guess is as good as mine.

I hope you are all enjoying the spring weather in your area. Have a terrific day!


Anonymous said...

Those bushes look amazing! Outside this little wine bar in town there are vines of Confederate Jasmine ... they smell fantastic ... however, like your last few pictures, they tend to attract bees and I suffer from apiphobia and when I see one of those suckers or a related family member (wasps for example) I RUN in the opposite direction :(

Jenny said...

As a new beekeeper, those yellow spots on the legs of the bee are to collect pollen. And good for you to have them. They will help your garden grow more veggies & flowers!

Julie said...

Love those pictures! You're right, they smell wonderful!

I pray that you're having a Happy, Happy Mother's Day!


P.S. I forgot to tell you! I just love your knitting! You are so smart!!!