Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Need Some Rocks?

A couple of days ago, the kiddos and I went out in search of rocks. I wanted to get them from a couple of local creeks, but it seems everyone and their brother's family was out fishing. (Apparently, the DNR had stocked the streams with large trout the same morning.) So, the kiddos and I went up the base of a local mountain near a trail head entrance and scored some rocks. Here are a few pics from our adventure. Warning: some of the pics are messed up and I'm really not sure why. Enjoy!

I really wanted to get a good shot of this house, but had a hard time stopping and leaning over as it was, since we were on a 55mph two-lane road. :)


Rachel said...

Nice new look Jen! And I love that lil cabin...totally want to move there!