Saturday, December 6, 2008

Our Christmas Parade. . .

It was a freezing 34 degrees, but it was still so fun! Here are a few of our pictures!

The kids were on the Dance Barn vehicle, so they missed many of the sites. Hopefully, they'll like these. I know SuperBoy will like the last one, a tow truck with Mater from the Cars movie on the side.

Some of the buildings were fuzzy, but I think they were my favorite. I'll try to get daylight pics of them some time. It was so cold, cameras were freezing up. Enjoy and have some hot chocolate for me!


marina said...

Hi Jenny. Sorry I wasn't around for so long but I have little time since my kids started school.
The parade was beautiful and so is the decoration of your town!
I was very impressed with you health adventure. You're a fighter and a winner too! A winner of life!!!
I like your new backround! It's very romantic!
I hope that your "apron job" is going well. Cause mine is stuck like a broken clock which will start again the "tik-tak" sound in Summer when schools finish!!!

Rosa said...

Looks like lots of fun!

BittersweetPunkin said...

Oh I love the parade!...and the kiddos looks so sweet with their red noses and pink cheeks!!

Julie said...

Well, Hi, Miss Jenny!
Your parade was just too neat! I loved it! Thank you for sharing yours -- especially since we missed ours! We meant to go, but it was Saturday night (the night we went to Jefferson and Marshall.)
We really wanted to go with it being our first year, here, and all...
About Marshall... I really overstated it calling it "abandoned". It was, I believe, for a few years, but the Historical society fought for it and had it refurbished. They had opened a small portion of it for a museum for a few years (we went in for a while, then, finally, stopped. I feel bad, now.) The courthouse square was in really bad shape and (here I go using this word, again) abandoned. Such a shame, too, you could tell that this was some city, in it's day. Fortuneatley, some people with a vision and some $$$ were able to get some businesses to come open up down there and it's really nice.
The streets (in the courthouse square) are brick (they ripped up the asphalt and it's beautiful!!!)
Okay..... I waaaaaay overexplained that, didn't I?!?!?

Your little ones are just tooooooo precious up there on that float! I'll bet they were so proud. Not as proud as their Mommy, though!!!
Did you get little man a hot chocolate? SuperGirl looks more like a Cappachino gal, to me!

Again, I just love y'alls parade.
I hope that ours is as sweet as y'alls.......


Tamara Jansen said...

Sooooo much fun! Too bad we have to endure so much cold though :)