Saturday, April 19, 2008

Our trip to visit my buddy Jody & Maymont. . .

The kids and I took a trip south to Cumberland, VA to visit a friend and her sister, and also to visit Maymont. Here are some shots I took on our drive down.
I love this barn! It has a smaller red barn behind it and a lovely old house, too.

What is this purple stuff?!? I saw it growing many places, but I'm clueless. Rosa? Any ideas? (P.S. I found out it's wisteria! I didn't realize it grew in the wild!)

An old train station we were able to see while taking a wrong turn. Gotta love Yahoo Maps!

An old, abandoned, teeny-tiny home on a hillside. And it's already been cropped to get you closer. Can you just imagine the living that went on here?

Now, we've started our journey around Maymont. This is a 13 year-old donkey, out getting it's exercise. Above woman said he/she (donkey) is a little too heavy. Heck! I'd be heavier at 1,386 in donkey years, too!

I love this shot. What luck I had here.

Awesome statue!

At the fountain near the house (Maymont) with Aunt Jody.

I had the kiddos pose under this tree, even though SuperGirl was worried the tree was gonna fall down while she was under it.

Could you imagine climbing in this tree!?! WOW! That's Aunt Jody behind SuperGirl. She's my SuperFriend & the kiddo's SuperGodMomma.

I had the lovelies stand here for perspective. That's not the word I'm grasping for, but it's the only thing entering my head at the moment. I'll keep thinking.

Look at that detail!

This is the back/side of the home. Isn't it amazing!?! I was hoping I could find a good shot of the front of the house, but this is the best I have at the moment. Just found some more! Look here. These folks have some other great shots in their folder from Maymont. We weren't able to look much more than we did, as Aunt Jody's blood sugar was low and we were ill-prepared. Next time, we'll get more pictures.

All of the next pictures but the last one were taken at Aunt Jen's house. Are the dogwoods beautiful?

Same dogwoods, taken seconds apart, with no camera changes. . .

And here we have a home I love that we pass on our way home. Can you imagine cleaning or heating this? Yowza. Maybe they only live in one room downstairs. :)

More soon folks,



Rosa said...

What a great adventure!
Winter has returned to the prairies. It's been snowing and blowing for two days and is suposed to continue for another 3!
Good thing I'm going to China soon. It's sub tropical where we're going.
I did not know that was wisteria, as we can't grow that here and I didn't know it grew wild either.
And as for the dogwoods. . .
I LOVE them! Can't grow those either.
I can grow other things though, that don't grow well in the heat of the south.
I guess none of us can grow everything! :)

Julie said...

Your pictures turned out just beautifully!!!! (should I have put an adverb, there? I'll worry about that later!)
I'm not sure which is my favorite?
Don't you just love Wisteria? I wish it stayed in bloom all year - 'cause when those beautiful petals fall off, it kinda looks a mess. It smells soooooooo good, too!